Bright future for karate students

Collectively the team walked away with 12 medals.

First time karate students surprised their two karate instructors when they got 12 medals in an inter-school karate competition.

Alshante de Bruin got two gold medals, Imogene Booysens, Brooklyn Armoed, Deanu Alexander and Cassidine Botha all got a gold medal.

Armoed and Aaron Lewis got silver medals while Booysens, Caleb, Alexander and Botha also received bronze medals.

They received medals for Kata and/or Kuminte.

Sensei Fortune Nyabanga and Nigel Jirira have been working together for over 18 years.

They saw the lack of karate classes in Eldorado Park and launched it four months ago at the gym in Extension Six, Crystal Mall.

Speaking on the competition, they say they were nervous.

“Since we were the underdogs and it was the first time for our pupils we were nervous but we are honoured to have walked away with so many medals,” Nyabanga said.

They said they are also honoured to introduce children, at such a young age, to a sport that is new to them.

“This achievement will allow us to compete in bigger competitions,” Jirira said.

While the competition was tough, karate pupils didn’t feel intimidated and took with them what they learnt over the past four months.

“Karate also teaches discipline and focus which is also beneficial when it comes to school work,” said Nyabanga.

Watch pupils practice karate and self-defence on

Classes are held Mondays to Thursdays from 4-5:30pm at the Crystal Mall gym.


Maxine Becket

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