‘She’s not sleeping, she’s not unconscious, she’s dead’

A Klipspruit West man has been arrested for killing his partner. File Image.

Loren Dreyer, a 22- year-old mother from Klipspruit West was murdered , allegedly by her long time boyfriend on New Year’s eve.

Dreyer and the suspect have two children together aged five and a year old.

According to her mother, Denise Higgins, her daughter was in an abusive relationship with the man and the relationship ended last Monday.

By Thursday the couple reunited.

Dreyer asked for permission to spend New Year’s eve with the man.

“I told him that evening that I did not feel right inside, I had a fear inside of me. I told him that Loren is my only child and asked him to look after her,” Higgins said.

“I trust you,” she told the man.

Before leaving to the man’s house, Dreyer greeted her grandparents and family who were next door.

Higgins advised the man not to sit on a hill in Klipspruit West where people gather and socialise.

“I regret saying that because there would’ve been more witnesses and people to help her,” said Higgins.

The couple left and that was the last Higgins saw her daughter alive.

At 12:10am on New Years’s day, Higgins and her husband were called by a man who told them something had happened at the suspects house.

They rushed to the house and found Dreyer on a bed, lifeless with bruises on her neck.

The man allegedly confessed to Higgins and her husband that he killed Dreyer.

“She’s not sleeping, she’s not unconscious, she’s dead. I take full responsibility, I killed her,” was what the man said according to Higgins.

The man has since been taken in and is due to appear in court.


Maxine Becket

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