Attempted robbery at Bread Bin

Police are investigating the second shootout this week.

At around 5pm yesterday there was an attempted robbery at the Bread Bin Bakery and Supermarket.

The Bosmont Community Patrol (BCP) group members were first on the scene and believe there were at least six perpetrators.

Faried Domingo chairman of the group said one of them was killed on scene.

“Another two were seriously injured in which one of the owners of the shop was shot in the arm but is recovering.

“Tragically the security guard who was targeted first was killed,” said Domingo.

One of the perpetrators sustained multiple injuries and left the scene in a critical condition but even in that state he attempted to disarm a SAPS member in the ambulance.

The two get away cars were not recovered as yet.

BCP secured the scene and handed it over to SAPS in which the police are investigating the case.


Gregory Solomons

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