‘Taking Care of Our Woman 365 days’

Students from Senaoane Senior school

An initiative called Taking Care of Our Woman 365 days is making a difference in the lives of girls in schools and women in general.

Founders Tshepiso Pootona and Mzwandile Mgcina from Senaoane – have been providing sanitary towels, mentorship and career guidance through this initiative.

 “The initiative is aimed at showing love and appreciation to girls and matured women in our neighbourhood”, said Pootona.

Just recently, they visited Senaoane Secondary School to donate sanitary towels to girls who come from disadvantaged homes and cannot afford for themselves.

“Having talked to one of the teachers at the school, we discovered that there was a need for such contribution.

“We found out that there are many girls who come from disadvantaged homes who cannot afford a pack of sanitary towels and they end up missing out on their academics due to the fact that they do not have money to buy,” said Pootona.

According to Pootona, the initiative started by them going to close friends to ask for sanitary towels to distribute at schools.

ABSA Protea Gardens Branch assisted by giving them packs.

“Our brothers should feel free to buy a pack of sanitary towels in future for women,” said Pootona.

Themba Vukeya

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