Repairs to major pipe burst in Northcliff to affect water supply

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Water supply will be interrupted in Northriding and surroundings due to urgent repairs to a burst on a major pipeline along Washington Drive.

Processes of the repair are already underway and technicians estimate that it might take up to 72 hours to complete.

The pipe was damaged by a contractor, who was busy with pipe installation in the area.  Johannesburg Water is also engaging the contractor to recover on losses of water and repair costs.

This is because all contractors are required to obtain a way leave from JRA before they can work in the road reserve. Part of this process is to supply them with drawings of where our water and sanitation infrastructure is running.

Johannesburg Water apologises for the inconvenience to all affected consumers and appeals patience during this period.  Consumers in the area not experiencing water shortages are urged to reduce consumption to immediate household needs to avoid a rapid decline in available supply.


Linden Reservoir 1

Robindale ( Ext.1,4,5,2,9,10) Jacanlee, Cresta (Ext.1,2,3,4,5),Darrenwood ( Ext. 2,8) , AldaraPark,Victory Park (Ext.8, 18) President Ridge (Ext.1,6,7) Robin Acres, ,Hurlingham Ext.5, Bordeaux, Lyme Park Ext.4,Ferndale  ,Risidale , ,Blackheath, Linden, Blairgowrie, Robin Hills, Windsor, Fontainebleau, Linden Ext, Kensington B, Craighall Park

Linden Reservoir 2

Windsor, Robin Hills, Windsor Glen, RandPark(Ext.2,3,4,5,6) and Fountainebleau( Ext. 1,)Ruiterhof (Ext.12,11,10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1) Blackheath( Ext.1,2,3,7) ,Moret (Ext.1,2,3, 4,5, 6)Malanshof (Ext.1,2, 3,4,5,6, 8,9,16,17) Strijdompark (Ext.19,21,28, Kelland Ext.1,Bromhof (Ext.2) , ,Northcliff (Ext.4,)  ,President Ridge & All Exts ,Robin Acres,Praegville, Ferndale (Ext.3,9,25,) Cresta (Ext.1,4,7, 6,) Aldarapark,Darrenwood (Ext.2,7,8,6,5),Jacanlee ,Randparkrif ,Robindale( Ext.10,1),Randpark Ext.5,Fontainebleau,Blackheath Ext.1,Ruiterhof Ext.1,Ruiterhof Ext.5,Ruiterhof Ext.4,Ruiterhof Ext.8,Fairland

Blairgowrie Reservoir

Bordeaux Ext.2,Hurlingham Ext.5,Bordeaux,Craighall Ext.2,Blairgowrie,Oerder Park,Craighall Glenadrienne,Craighall Park

Kensington B Reservoir:

Bryanbrink,Daniel Brinkpark,Bryanston Ext.5,Vandia Grove & All exts,Strijdompark & All Exts,Strijdompark Ext.26,Strijdompark Ext.15,Ferndale Ext.20,Ferndale Ext.4,Strijdompark & Exts,Ferndale Ext.32, ,Ferndale Ext.13,Vandia Grove Ext.1,Osummit, , ,Bryanston Ext.25,Ferndale Ext.15,Ferndale Ext.8 ,Ferndale Ext.6,Ferndale Ext.9,Ferndale,Ferndale Ext.3,Beverley Gardens,Meadowhurst,Bryanston Ext.45,Bryanston Ext.27,Bryanston Ext.50,Ferndale Ext.28,Ferndale Ext.24,Ferndale Ext.29,Malanshof,Ruiterhof Ext.2,Bryanston Ext.3,Bryanston,Ferndale Ext.11,Ferndale Ext.26,Meadowhurst Ext.3


Kensington Tower:

Bryanbrink,Daniel Brinkpark,Bryanston Ext.5,Lyme Park Ext.3,Bryanston West Ext.1,Lyme Park Ext.4,Kensington B,Bryanston

Linden Tower Supply

Linden, Pine Park, Linden Extensions, Robindale,Darrenwood,Ferndale,Linden,Blairgowrie,Linden Ext

Water Tankers will be placed at the following points:

  • Cnr. Anchor and Chester-Bryanston Ext.5
  • Cnr. Conduit and Westview-O Summit
  • Cnr. Kays and Cypress-Bryanston Ext.3
  • Cnr.Highview and West-Ferndale Ext. 29
  • Cnr. Speldekussing and Serruna-Ferndale  Ext.6
  • Bright Water Commons-Republic Road-Ferndale
  • Cnr. Hammer and Standard Close-Strijdom Park
  • Cnr. Sterling and Fabriek-Strijdom Park
  • Cnr. Milne and Daniel-Bryanbrink
  • Ferndale High School-Milne Road-Kensington B
  • Medicross clinic- done last night-
  • Westview Park-Vandia Grove
  • Cnr. Sirdar and Abington- Kensington B
  • In Blackwood Street- Bryanston Ext.3
  • Republic and Silverpine (sasol garage)
  • Cnr Bramfisher Drive and First street (BP garage)
  • Dukes and Beatrice str at the Spar (Windsor)
  • Cnr Republic and Judges at the Engen garage

Customer service enquiries

24 hour Hotline:

011 375 5555/ 0860 562 874

SMS line: 082 653 2143


Residents are encouraged to subscribe on our website:, to our SMS notification service for alerts on planned or unplanned service interruptions and/or follow us on Twitter: @jhbwater & Facebook: Johannesburg Water

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