WATCH: Eldos boys need you to realise their dreams

Community leaders in a bid to raise funds for two young boys.

While the laughter of children playing soccer in the streets echoes all around him, Romello Steyn (15), once an avid footballer, looks longingly from his wheelchair.

The desire to join them can be seen in his eyes, but his cancer-ridden body is racked with pain and the teenager just looks on, almost resigning himself to his fate. His spirit is indomitable, though.

People tell of his fighting spirit and the dream to ‘see the sea’ and write a book about his journey with cancer. From Steyn’s house in Koper Street, Eldorado Park Proper, one just needs to traverse past the flats and along the Main Road towards Extension Three to meet Yunus-Mogammad MacPherson, whose father sold the family vehicle to help his son get closer to competing in the Donosti soccer tournament in San Sebastian, Spain, in July.

In an earlier edition of the Eldorado Urban News, residents read this touching tale and community leaders have come up with a way to help these boys reach for their dreams.

NuWorld have sponsored a brand new 60 inch Light Emitting Diode, Full High Definition JVC Television to this cause and a thousand raffle tickets have been printed to raise the funds to bring their dreams to fruition.

Tickets are charged at R100 per entry and may be collected at the EldosFM offices at Crystal Mall in Extension Six. Faghree MacPherson, the father of Mogammad-Yunus, may be contacted via WhatsApp on 060 527 1947 and he will deliver tickets to your doorstep.

Romello Steyn’s leg has been amputated due to the ravaging effects of cancer on his young body and community leaders hope to bring the two boys together, in a meeting, which will see them bonding over their favourite game and providing inspiration to each other as the Eldorado Park community shows again that no challenge is too big to overcome when it involves making the world better through the act of giving.

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  1. Faghree MacPherson appeals to Eldos residents to help these boys reach their dreams


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