Meet Devonne ‘Dvon-J’ Joseph, the musician

Ambitious artist, Devonne Joseph (23).

South African rappers are making their mark nationally and globally, crafting unique rhymes and adding that beat peculiar to Africa.

What sets hip hop artists apart from artists from yesteryear, is their creativity and their hunger to escape the stifling confines of their respective communities.

Devonne Joseph (23) personifies the modern artist. He has an energy that floods the building and the hunger to create a name for himself in this genre.

Going by the name ‘Dvon-J’, Joseph said, “I’ve been in the game for two years and I grew up listening to rap music. It is what keeps me motivated because it gives me the opportunity to tell my story in a way people can relate to.”

“As a reporter and rap aficionado, I am always intrigued by the fake American accent favoured by most South African hip hop artists and I listened closely to hear whether it was there. Surprisingly and thankfully I might add, not a trace was to be found,” said Joseph.

Joseph adds a breath of fresh air to the local hip hop scene and holds on to that local flavour – without the twang – which is sure to endear him to hip-hop fans in Eldorado Park. The artist has two singles out, called “Chain pains’’ and Liquor and Hookah’’ which he says show both his playful and serious sides.

Signed to Ampirentertainment, he can be booked by e-mail on [email protected] and hip hop heads are requested to look forward to his cipher sessions pending talks with EldosFM management.

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Dvon-J shows his versatility as a bona fide RnB crooner.

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