Latest UPDATE: Riverlea residents give the municipality 7 days to respond to their grievances

Burning tires.

The Langlaagte Police have organised a meeting between the residents of Riverlea and two officials from the mayor’s office.

Kevin Semelani, from Service Delivery Intervention Unit and Tumo Lenong who is the project manager of the upcoming flats in extension 3 – arrived at the Empowerment Centre at 11 am to address residents who staged the protest this morning in Main Reef Road.

The two main issues that were addressed was the upcoming flats and the service delivery.

Lenong said that the issues related to the flats must still be discussed again with the department and TopRoot, the construction company.

According to Lenong, the company is privately owned but will be funded by the government if procedures are successful.

Bricks of the flats have been broken and thrown throughout the streets of Riverlea.

A resident said that the company must not bring their building materials because they have not been approved by the community.

Other issues that were discussed at the meeting, were that of police intervention and the matter of illegal mining in the community.

“The police were so quick to come this morning to the protest but when we call for crime they don’t come on time,” said a resident.

Another said that “they hear gunshots atleast thrice a day because of the illegal miners.”

Residents stated that they not happy with councillor Basil Douglas, who apparently, is never at any of the community meetings and is only addressing certain people in the community.

“We want him out,” said an angry resident.

A burnt container that was meant for the development of the flats.

The department has to consider the issue of safety, municipal and SAPS units in their discuss.

Semelani said that the department and their counterparts will discuss the residents grievances and will come up with ways to fix these issues steadily.

The community agreed that they giving the department seven days to talk to the committee and if they still haven’t come to agreements, they’ll give another seven days until the community agrees to take action again.

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A resident speaking to the people during a meeting.

A speaker addressing residents.

Bricks of the flats have been broken.

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