Just in: Greater Eldorado Park on strike

The Greater Eldorado Park which includes Freedom Park, Slovo Park, and Devland residents, embarked on a protest action this morning over the slow delivery of houses.

Roads were barricaded from as early as 3 am this morning as protesters took to the streets to voice their frustrations.

The protest action follows a meeting held at the Don Mateman Civic Centre yesterday afternoon, presided over by CAMISSA chairman Jerome Lottering.

He distanced himself from the protest action in a tweet early this morning, saying, “I see my name is trending, but I have not organised the strike.”

Lottering went on to say that he had met with residents and their anger was very palpable at yesterday’s meeting.

Meanwhile, helicopters are circling the area to monitor the protests.

Housing has been a thorn in the flesh for a number of years with allegations of graft regarding the housing waiting list hurled at officials by residents who want homes.


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