Provincial SAPS and JMPD form joint operation to restore peace in Eldos

Note: This is an official statement by the City of Johannesburg, and no amendments were made whatsoever.

Last night, I held a meeting with stakeholders to find a peaceful resolution to the on-going protests in Eldorado Park & surrounding areas.

The provincial leadership of SAPS and the JMPD have agreed to form a joint operation to restore peace and order in the community.

I’d like to thank Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange for her commitment to working towards restoring the rule of law in these communities.

According to reports protesters in the community are calling for new housing projects, enhanced service delivery & economic development.

We recognise the frustrations of this community following years of mismanagement & neglect. We hear their pleas for dignified services.

Tragically, the legitimate concerns of the community have become hijacked by criminals who would seek to use the protests for their own ends

Both the SAPS and JMPD will work jointly to identify those persons responsible for this criminal activity and ensure that justice is served.

It is essential that we protect the safety of our residents and ensure that they are able to go to work and school.

We continue to ask for our residents’ patience as we work tirelessly to create a more inclusive and prosperous city.

There are no quick fixes to the enormous backlogs but we’re committed to ensuring the people of our city receive the attention they deserve.

My team will seek to identify the legitimate community leaders, so as to create a platform for proper engagement with the community.

At this meeting, the community will have an opportunity to have their grievances heard. We can work together towards long-term solutions.

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