Eldos descends into anarchy

Police patrolling along Main Road.

The two-day protest which has gripped Eldorado Park has plunged the area into chaos and anarchy as youths took to the streets and destroyed property, making off with goods seized from local businesses.

Youths of all description seized on the low police presence in Extension Three and entered the BP garage, removing refrigerators, ovens, kettles and appliances.

Closed-circuit television monitors were ripped from the walls and destroyed by the marauding children.

Residents who have witnessed the protests descending into a frenzied free-for-all confronted the rampaging youths as containers of diesel and petrol, taken from a container next to the BP Express Shop was used to set alight looted refrigerators and sign boards.

The youths, seemingly oblivious to being filmed by on looking residents, paid no attention and made off with their ill-gotten gains.

One observer remarked, “This has absolutely nothing to do with housing or jobs and the criminal element, bent on destruction has now taken over.”

Other residents doused the flames with a fire hose obtained from the site as police fired rubber bullets at looters fleeing the scene.

Community leader and anti-drug activist, Dereleen James and LDAC chairperson, Cheryl Pillay attempted to communicate with protesters but were met with fierce resistance.

Other notable community leaders remarked that the violent criminal behaviour exhibited by the plundering youths was barbaric and that their behaviour ran counter to what the protest set out to achieve.

A semblance of calm has returned to the area, with police patrolling the main entrances to Eldorado Park which had been barricaded by demonstrators.

The wait is on for workers returning from work who may fall prey to attacks from protesters continuing to demonstrate.

Business owners whose businesses have been looted and property stolen will face the financial implications once an order has been restored in Eldorado Park.

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