WATCH: N12 towards Lenasia at virtual standstill

The N12 freeway heading towards Lenasia, next to the Joe Slovo informal settlement, came to a virtual standstill this morning as SAPS and JMPD recovered goods believed to have been looted after the recent service delivery protests in the Greater Eldorado Park area, this morning.

The goods, ranging from an assortment of furniture to foodstuffs and industrial equipment were seized by police in what is believed to be a joint operation between the two law enforcement agencies.

The haul was loaded onto JMPD trucks to be delivered to the Eldorado Park Police Station pending a full investigation.

Police have not disclosed any information about the suspects involved in the looting, but a spokesperson from their provincial office will be releasing an official media statement later today.

Meanwhile, relative calm has returned to the Greater Eldorado Park area following 2days of unrest which saw protesters taking to the streets of the housing crisis.


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