A highly pregnant woman bears rubber bullet wound to her stomach

A lot of people enjoy taking photos during protests; reason being to crystally contemplate the severity of the protest action after the episode and rate or assess themselves of their photography skill.

But what do you make of the picture below of a pregnant lady who was unfortunately hit by a rubber bullet on her belly and left hand?

Also, we’ve included a video below of Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula responding to questions about whether he thinks there’s a rift between police and Eldos residents, and whether he perceived indiscriminate firing on residents.

Our Eldos Urban Newspaper reporter enquired whether the perceived heavy-handed approach by police has further widened divisions between them and the community and whether, after the recent protest action, police would extend a hand to the community to repair the breach.




Video taken by Enver Wessels

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Enver Wessels

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