Gun-toting criminals murder woman in botched hijacking attempt

The Extension Seven community mourns the death of Adele Fisher-Peters.

Eldorado Park is spawning a new breed of criminal who prey on women. The spate of violent crimes committed against women is on the rise in South Africa, with a new word describing these acts now added to our everyday language.

Violent crimes perpetrated against women by their partners or criminals, is known as femicide. This word has been dominating news headlines this past week, with reports of women brutally killed by their partners and criminals who view them as nothing but objects to be discarded.

Adele  Fisher-Peters from Eldorado Park is yet another victim of this heinous crime. Her life was taken in what is believed to be a botched hijacking attempt which took place this past Sunday.
Reports suggest that she was murdered by gun-toting young men, intent on forcibly taking the vehicle in which she was travelling.

Described by friends as a caring individual who gave freely of her time and talents, Fisher-Peters breathed her last on that fateful Sunday when she would be robbed of her life by callous criminals intent on wreaking havoc within the area.

The latest reports are that four men have been arrested in connection with her senseless murder and detained at the Eldorado Park Police Station holding cells pending an appearance at the Protea Magistrate Court.

Alabama Street in Extension Seven, where the murder took place, has for several months been the scene of violent crimes in which a number of residents lost their lives and fed up inhabitants are seeking answers from police.

A grief-stricken family friend said, ““The family has suffered a great loss of a God-fearing, fun- loving and free-spirited woman who will be dearly missed.”

The eldest of four, Fisher-Peters is survived by her husband, Roman Peters, her son Kelby, her mother Dianne and three siblings.

She will be buried on May 20 and funeral proceedings are expected to start at 830 am. Residents who wish to show their support to the family are welcome to do so at a memorial service to be held today at Canaan Ministries from 7 pm and at the family home in Alabama Avenue tomorrow.
The area has, in recent months, been plagued by home invasions, robberies and murders which have claimed a few lives.

The community has held meetings to discuss methods which could be used to safeguard the lives of women and children who live in fear of being the next victim, according to a resident who wished to remain anonymous.

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