Mother of 7 breaks the silence about abuse

Nicole Johnson (not her real name) a mother of seven finally speaks out about been abused by her spouse for more than 28 years.

Johnson has been married for 28 years but while dating her husband to be she explains that he use to abuse her before she even married him.

“There was a time in my life when I was beaten up so badly with the pex-handle, he broke my arm in three, he gave me 198 stitches on my head, he actually wanted to kill me. But through the grace of God I survived that,” said Johnson

This incident happened in 2003 when she had him arrested and he survived his prison sentence for two years.

According to Johnson she had opened a restraining order against her husband and had a warrant for arrest with a protection order at that time.

“He came back he told me that he was a different man, he never changed. I thought that after prison he will be a changed man, God worked with him in the prison but we had a fight again, he moved out of the house” said Johnson

Johnson explains that her husband just snaps at anything, she said that he no longer consumes alcohol but still smokes dagga.

The mother of seven recalls her traumatic experience when she retaliated three years ago.

“I got so angry when he came to beat me with the ring force and I turned around and defended myself, I took the ring force from him, I started beating him, I nearly killed him.”

She hospitalized him, and when he returned home, he opened a case against her.

Johnson was then arrested in the duration of Women’s Month and she was out on R1000 bail.

The mother and her children have lived about eight months in the shelters of WAWA Support Group (Women Against Women and Children Abuse) and in POWA (People Opposing Woman Abuse) because the children also went through the abuse.

“I feel like killing him, then I know he’s gone, no more stress, if my children feel like eating, sleeping, no one is going to tell them, push them out, take their stuff, eat it whatever, I just want my freedom, especially for my kids.”

On April 20, Johnson went to open another interim protection order against her husband and has moved out of their house with her children and grandchildren.

Johnson would like women to join together and start a support group in the community.

She said that woman need to come forward, stand up, and tell people what they’ve been through.

Women who are abused can go to places such as POWA where they provide a shelter, individual and group allows where abused women have the opportunity to be with other women, share their experiences and support each other.

They are also educated on issues of abuse and are empowered to make informed choices and decisions about their situation and are given support towards their healing process.

For support, you can contact POWA on their hotline and emergency number 011 642 4345/ 011 642 4346 or email [email protected]

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