Save a life by donating blood

Not only are we commemorating the young lives that died this month for the freedom that we hold as a country today, you can also be part of today’s struggle by donating blood to a stranger.

Yesterday marked World Blood Donor Day on the international calendar.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) wants to encourage individuals to donate blood and thus play an important part in preparing for impromptu emergency circumstances that could come tomorrow.

According to the WHO website, the campaign or theme for this year is to focus on emergency situations.

In other words, in the event of a natural disaster which is prone to certain parts of the world, what can you do to save the life of someone who survived such.

South Africa may not be the most likely country to suffer from natural disasters, but it’s still important for locals to donate blood because disaster doesn’t warn it’s victims before it strikes.

According to statistics, the blood donations collected worldwide reach 112.5 million and half of these come from high-income countries.

If 1% of the population donated blood, it can meet any nation’s most basic requirements for its need for blood.

Donating blood is not costly and approximately 57 countries collect 100% of their blood supply from volunteers.

This youth month, you can also be part of the change. While celebrating your freedom and remembering the young people that died in 1976, donate blood and save a life.

You never know when disaster will strike and affect you.

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Sphindile Mbatha

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