Principal Jeff Davey received a call stating that there was a break-in at Bernard Isaacs Primary school

Pipes, basins and tapes have all been removed from the ablution facilities.

Basins were broken and removed from the toilet facility.

Over the past two weeks, Bernard Isaacs Primary School in Coronationville has become prey to what residents fear may be a syndicate operating at the school.

Parts of the school are undergoing construction with a new section planned for the feeding scheme.

Contractors stored their equipment in the Foundation Phase boy’s toilets since the project is taking place just outside of the space of work.

On July 17, principal Jeff Davey received a call stating that there was a break-in at the school.

The principal said that the construction equipment was worth about R20 000 and the broken basins and pipes cost approximately R10 000 or more.

The suspects managed to get away with copper pipes, taps, two long ladders, scaffolding and eight broken basins.

“These things have been here for two years and now that we’ve started using them to build, they decide to break in,” said Davey.

Broken and damaged basins were found outside laying close to the school wall and Davey assumed that the thieves had broken it to retrieve the taps which have become a sought-after commodity by criminal elements.

He said, “The damage is really unnecessary.”

On a positive note, the suspects did not steal the roof sheeting but the principal and a few helpers are more cautious now and have moved the equipment to a secure location in the school.

At the time Davey had not yet made a case but said that he was going to report the break-in at the Sophiatown Police Station.

The second incident occurred on July 28 between late night and the early hours of the morning.

This time the thieves made off with Pikitup bin presumably used to transport a 48 kg silver gas tank which was also stolen from the school.

According to a local, the suspects managed to remove the small gate from its hinges but failed to get away with it.

A broadcast on Whatsapp said that the school’s management was looking for four men from the community who were willing to be employed as patrollers at the school at night.

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