Riverlea: Brimful of young talent

Sernalin Hoffman and one of the holiday programme attendees.

The Riverlea Recreation Centre was abuzz during the holiday programme which was run by a number of non-profit organisations, the City of Johannesburg, the recreation management and volunteers.

The holiday programme closed off with a bang as attendees got to show off what they learnt throughout the three-week programme.

According to the Programme Director, Milly Harris, the event was just too awesome.

They had sponsors from Famsa, and many parents who, for the first time in the programme’s four-year existence had come to support the closing of it.

“I think we fed about 60 parents who came to support their children. We also invited the high school teacher and the principal and they came to watch their students in the drama and dance programmes.

Cole Petersen from UNiQUE explains the message behind the dance which the students did.

“We also did a theme song; the greatest love of all by Whitney Houston.That will be our theme song for every holiday programme,” said Harris.

The event started with drummies from the Sophiatown Majorettes Club, UNiQUE who did a dance and their students from the programme also presented an item.

Caleb Johnson from Eldorado Park entertained the crowd with his music and each age group was given the opportunity to perform an item.

A group formed during the holiday programme performed Sarafina, there were gumboot dancers, a ballet dancer, rappers, and dance crews who formed part of the day’s entertainment.

Caleb Johnson entertaining the crowd with this music.

“I also want to thank Cathleen Jones from Famsa who made things possible with sponsors from Famsa and Coco Cola and Merrisa and the team who helped in the kitchen.

“The Westbury Sports Hub and a representative from the health department sponsored some snacks for the children, Nedbank and Wayne Vergie also donated oranges.

“I’m so grateful for everyone who just gave of themselves. The guys from REACH foundation. We thank God for everything because without him at the centre it wouldn’t have been possible,” said Harris.

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