Robin “Phoenix” Wright – the Bushie Rap Queen

Robin "Phoenix" Wright.

Robin Wright is a 24-year-old rap artist straight out of Eldorado Park. Wright, whose stage name is Phoenix, is a creative artist who has a love for music, fashion and the visual arts.

She has a passion for youth development and ploughing back into the community with art education, which, according to Wright, is is learning more and more about the different kinds of art and how they should be applied.

Phoenix also joined forces with the Abnormal Talent movement. Abnormal Talent is a talent management and development agency which strives to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent.

The rapper is a free spirited young woman who harbours many talents. Phoenix has journeyed through the past couple of years, developing as well as improving her skills in all creative sectors.

She discovered a love for radio and pursued this dream in 2012 doing a hip-hop show called ‘Cypher’ at the local broadcaster, Eldos FM.

Robin “Phoenix” Wright.

She formed part of a Hip Hop group called KLRD as a female rapper. The group released their first single which reached a total of 65 000 views on Facebook, dubbing Phoenix the “Bushie rap Queen”.

In April 2015, her hard work was recognised after she was accepted into YFM‘s Y Academy internship programme for a certificate in broadcasting.

She also formed part of the Y Academy’s first-ever reality TV show, the Y-Face of Radio: Ground Zero, where she made it to the top four. The reality show aired from March 2016 on ovHD eKasi+.

After years of writing poetry, performing the spoken word and the influence from hosting a hip-hop show, she decided to let her voice be heard in music, this is where she began experimenting songwriting.

This year Phoenix achieved her biggest accolade yet when she was selected to be a part of The Hustle Season 2 on VuzuAmp.

The Hustle is one of the biggest hip-hop shows on TV, where South Africa’s biggest and baddest rappers go head-to-head and rap their way to be crowned the rap king or queen.

Robin “Phoenix” Wright.

It would have been a major accolade for Phoenix if she were to achieve the ultimate goal and winning the Hustle season two, unfortunately, not everything goes as some would like it too, although she made it to the top 14 before being eliminated from the competition.

“The competition was quite a challenge and a beautiful journey, being one of two females in a male-dominated industry. The show gave the viewer an understanding of what it was like on the come up in the music industry.”

In relation to the come up, she released a single titled ‘Still’ which focuses on not having much but making the most of it.

“Nixes to the negatives” is a motto she stands by which simply means all negatives bounce off her.

Phoenix is currently working on a project in which she will be exploring different genres and real subject matter.

Keep up with Phoenix’s progress by following her on her Facebook fan page – Phoenix: The Artist or on Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram – @PhoenixofRa. Bookings can be made by emailing [email protected]

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