Women in South Africa today

Women's Month 2017.

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression,” said former president Nelson Mandela at the opening of the first parliament in 1994.

South Africa has experienced 22 years of democracy and transformation since the end of apartheid.

Women have been a crucial yet often undermined component of the radical economic and social change that the nation has undergone.

This year marked South Africa’s 61st Women’s Day and Women’s Month since the historic Women’s March of 1956.

So what are the present-day living experiences of South African women in the newly reformed country?

With the recent plight of reported cases of violence against women, has South Africa truly developed into the equal and empowering nation for women its constitution envision it to be?

“I feel very empowered compared to women who may have been marginalised in the past. I feel like there are better opportunities available for me to create a better future for myself in South Africa.

“There are also good influences in South Africa, such as women who are starting their own businesses and women who are successful.

“I also feel disempowered as a woman due to all the violence facing us,” said Ashron Buis (21) a sales and marketing intern at Kofifi FM.

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