Tuesday Life Hack: 5 Toothpaste hacks you should know about

There are far more uses for toothpaste than brushing your teeth and keeping them clean. It’s a handy screen cleaner, paper glue solution and hand sanitizer amongst other things. Here are five toothpaste hacks you should know about:

1. Toothpaste can glue together paper

Need to glue two pieces of paper together or seal an envelope? Just use a little toothpaste on the one piece and spread it evenly before pressing it down to glue it onto the other.

2. Light a long-lasting match

Take a few sticks of matches and cover the heads with toothpaste. Put them in a glass of water, take them out and wipe the toothpaste off with a tissue. Light a match using the same sticks and you will notice a stronger flame that lasts longer.

3. Clean your cellphone screen with toothpaste

The touchscreen on your smartphone can get dirty very quickly. Dab a tiny bit of toothpaste on it, spray the screen lightly with water and wipe down thoroughly with a cloth. Your screen will look shiny and new in no time.

4. Get rid of that onion smell on your hands

When chopping onions sometimes it takes a rigorous wash to get rid of the smell and juices that spray onto your hands. Dab a little toothpaste on your fingertips and rub gently, mix in some warm water and wash your hands. The smell and residue will be gone within seconds.

5. Make a zit disappear overnight

Those irritating pimples that pop out when you least expect it can disappear overnight if you dab a little toothpaste on the spot and leave it on overnight. The toothpaste dries the pimple out and won’t leave any marks on your face.

Watch the video below for more hacks and demonstrations:

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