Learning never stops, even for teachers

Some of the graduates: Rose Ntsie, Willie Nkuna,Sandiso Kwinana, Ntombi Khomo, Dr. Josaya Mushayi, and Daphney Sedibane.

Sandiso Kwinana, an educator at Riverlea Secondary School is proud to announce that his colleagues and himself have graduated with a National Certificate in Information Technology (IT).

The 49-year-old Kwinana has been in the teaching profession for 25 years and has been teaching at Riverlea Secondary for 10 years where he teaches Afrikaans.

He said, “For the first time in my life can I now use a laptop.”

According to Kwinana, the course is a Sci-Bono and Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) initiative which hosts about 600 participating schools.

There were 10 other educators from the school who graduated as well. They were; Rose Ntsie, Willie Nkuna, Ntombi Khomo, Dr Josaya Mushayi, Daphney Sedibane, Clarence Davis, D. Tawana, Nedzane Tshishonga, Prescilla Moeny, and Joa Greene.

Kwinana said that it was one of the first initiatives in Gauteng where teachers were given the opportunity to join in a National Certificate in the IT sector; user computer course such as this.

The certificate is a National Qualifications Framework level 3 course and the teachers can even continue further if they wish to. The course is a year long and the teachers attended classes on Saturdays and during school holidays.

“I think we have completed thirteen to fifteen modules on Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2013,” said Kwinana.

After graduating, they received laptops and overhead projectors. A stipend was provided to assist them with transport and food.

“It helped me a lot because it was the first time that I used a laptop.
We usually write down everything. Now that I’m laptop wise.

“I’m starting to type out everything and automatically when I’m doing the marks, there are formulas for some which is helping me and this means that I now have less paperwork,” said Kwinana.

Some of the graduates: Rose Ntsie, Willie Nkuna, Sandiso Kwinana, Ntombi Khomo, Dr Josaya Mushayi, and Daphney Sedibane.

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