“Mommy, your son Jacob has been stabbed”

28-year-old, Jacob Scheepers.

Fresh into 2018 and the senseless killings begin again. In the Greater Eldorado Park community, many families have lost their loved ones to a senseless killing.

Over the past few years, many young lives were lost because of a fight, an argument or sometimes nothing at all. When will it end?

Jaqueline Scheepers is a mother of six, who said that she never thought that one day she would bury one of her children, she believed that one day they would bury her.

Which is how it’s supposed to be, don’t you think? But the world doesn’t play by the rules or how things are supposed to be, life is full of surprises and it’s not always a good surprise.

Jacqueline has lost her 28-year-old son, Jacob Scheepers. Jacob was murdered on Friday, February 9. He was stabbed in Amber Street not far from where his mother stays in Opaal Street.

According to the family, before he was stabbed, someone attempted to rob him. Jacob leaves his wife and three children. Mack Scholtz explains to the Eldorado Park Reporter what happened.

He said, “Jacob went with his wife to go buy something, and when they got to the place where they were going to buy, whatever it is that they were going to buy, some guy, I don’t know his name, just came and stabbed him.

“The guy also wanted to stab Jacob’s wife. Jacob told his wife to run because he saw that the guy wanted to stab her. She ran and Jacob followed shortly when they got to the front of his mother’s house, his wife was screaming and I went out.

“When I got outside I saw Jacob as he dropped in front of his mother’s gate and that was the last as he laid there, full of blood.”

Jacqueline, the grieving mother said, “I’m very heartbroken by losing my son, Jacob Ernest Scheepers. I’m so heartbroken by what’s happening in our community. My son was with me on the day he got a job…”

This was the very same day that Jacob was murdered. She continued, “…When his lifeless body was lying at my gate. It was not even five minutes, he was so excited about his new job, he even told me – ‘mommy I am going to change your life.'”

She said, “My child had dreams and now it’s gone.” She cries out to the community to make Eldos a better place, so many lives can be saved. She concluded as she said with eyes full of tears, “Please people let us save Eldorado Park.”

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